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Company and Coverages Aren’t the Only Things to Evaluate When Selecting an Insurance Agent

Buying your first car, moving to a new state, losing or changing your job or starting a small business are just a few of the life changes that should trigger a review of your insurance. Picking the right insurance coverage for you and your family isn’t just about understanding your insurance choices and selecting the right policy,  it’s also about finding the right insurance agent. So, when life throws those changes at you, TD Mack Insurance offers a personalized service  for your insurance needs.

Independent Agent or Captive Agent – What’s best for you?

When you start your search for an agent, you’ll have a couple of different types to choose from. You can pick an independent agent or a captive (sometimes called direct) agent. An independent agent may have contracts with several different insurance companies. A captive agent writes exclusively with one company. Independent and captive agents represent the insurance company who pays them a commission.

Insurance for Businesses

For more complicated insurance transactions, such as those involving insurance coverage for a small business, owners may choose to utilize an insurance broker. An insurance broker represents your company in a search of the local insurance market to find the maximum coverage for the best possible cost.

Who is the best choice for an agent?


In the end, it’s best to choose a local agent that is accessible and can provide a wide range of insurance coverage for your different needs. This should be an agent you can pick the phone up and call when you have questions and need answers. Small agencies are best for this personalized service. Tim Mack of TD Mack Insurance provides many types of insurance for his customers including Medicare Solutions, Individual / Family / Life and Certified Covered CA.  Give Tim a call today to discuss your options.  You’ll be glad you did!